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Pakistan has become a platform for the sale of Chinese Premium products and hence China is emerging as a powerful factor in the expansion of Pakistan’s economy. In 2015, A US $46 billion package was announced during Xi Jiping’s visit to Pakistan which accounts to more than twice the amount of all foreign direct investment to Pakistan since 2008.This paves the way for Chinese population residing in the country. The investment will be contributed towards the creation of Strategy China- Pakistan Economic Corridor comprising of roads, railways and pipelines. This contributes to China’s “One belt One Road” initiative, which has become a main concern in Beijing’s foreign policy.

Therefore, JK international’s aim is to become the leading and prominent distributor of Premium Chinese products across Pakistan- Afghanistan to cater to the inflow of Chinese population


Ashrag Ghani, the new elected president of Afghanistan visited China to deepen their strategic partnership and laid the foundation for strengthening the relationship between China and the new Afghan Government. This will improve the strategic relationship between the two countries contributing positively in the areas of politics, economics, security and culture and as a result China’s economic support for Afghanistan has also increased significantly.

China has also provided Afghanistan an economic support of 1.5 billion yuan (approximately $240 million) in between 2001 and 2013 so that it may trigger Afghanistan to gain greater economic independence. The two countries have many opportunities for co-operation within the frame work of China’s Silk Road Economic Belt strategy. This will propel the economic as well as overall growth of the country.

JK international’s aim is to emerge as the leading and prominent distributor of Premium Chinese products across Pakistan- Afghanistan to cater to the inflow of Chinese population


China has become Africa’s biggest and prominent trading partner with trade transaction of about $160 billion per year. As a result more that 1 million Chinese population including labourers and traders have moved to the continent in the past decade. African countries receive fund from Chinese firms for the construction of their roads and mines.

Africa has signed a contact with a Chinese state owned rail company for $5.5 billion concerning to the country’s New Silk Road Strategy to build infrastructure around the developing world. African units of China Railway Construction Corp will build a $3.5bn intercity rail line in Nigeria and a $1.9bn residential real estate project in Zimbabwe. Similarly there are several investments done by the Chinese government in different countries in Africa.

Jk International is targeting those countries in Africa and looking forward to make those countries as a platform for their Premium Chinese products.

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